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A business model that simplifies complicated supply chain process to a sustainable and trackable business model...

Full Supply Chain

Küresel A.Ş manages the numerous steps of the supply chain such as importation, procurement, replenishment, stocking, warehousing, handling, distribution, return management as well as reporting and customer management.

Most Renowned Brands

Imports leading global brands to Turkey and manages marketing activities, sales, retail and wholesale distributions. It brings consumers together with different and new product groups with its slogan as "from the world to the shelves."


Services all commercial sales channels such as gas stations markets,convenience stores, organized retail sector, out of home consumption (Horeca), specialty stores and traditional dealers with a large product range and an experienced team.

How do we work?

Küresel A.Ş realizes the supply chain process smoothly regardless of the product diversity range and order volume.

Service Channels

Küresel A.Ş is a multi-service supply chain company that uses strong infrastructure, group cooperation, with an experienced team to provide efficiency and desired service for customer groups in different sales channels who require special projects and solutions


Management of all identified processes to ensure companies to focus on their core businesses.

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Delivery of designated products at the right time, as ordered and placement on shelves.

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Development of special projects and systems for the ever-growing out of home consumption channel

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Each new item is presented to the relevant consumer group according to the market and sales channel needs.

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How does Küresel’s highly satisfying global supply chain operate?

Küresel A.Ş manages all the supply chain details such as importation, procurement, replenishment, stocking, warehousing, handling, distribution, return management as well as reporting and customer management which ensures that the customers can focus on their core businesses.

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What benefits does Küresel offer for your operations?

Let us handle handle the difficulties…

Küresel’s main target is to enable all customers to benefit from growth opportunities for service and sales opportunities in their areas and devote their focus remains on their core businesses.

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Optimized delivery and competitive cost advantage

With about 400 authorized dealers , established throughout Turkey The Shell Select Fuel Station markets have become a retail chain store : they are selling around 1300 different products combined within 11 different ptoduct categories. These products are acquired from hundreds of suppliers. The diverse products dry, cold and frozen have to be procured, stored, the stocks reviewed, handled, delivered, and the returned goods have to be collected. Through and through, all the deliveries have to be collectively distributed on scheduled timing and via single vehicle.

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"A LA CARTE" solutions

The procurement of different goods with different expiry dates and ever-changing culinary requirements creates a specific purchase, storage, stock and transport logistic case. Given the diversity of the sector these businesses need to be serviced on a 7/24 basis.

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Effective delivery efficiency and maximum cost savings

MARS CINEMA GROUP, operating in 36 cities, 107 movie theaters and 1.000 halls, requires a one-off supply chain for finished goods, semi-finished or raw material orders placed by its headquarters. Homogenous quality of service is expected for each branch in different districts and provinces and it is requested that deliveries should not disrupt the inhouse operations.

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Schogetten Chocolate

Starbucks Coffee

Distributor is Anele from our group companies.
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